Our Story

Over a cup of coffee somewhere in Delhi, my friend Simrit and I were chatting endlessly and talking about simple things in life which took us to the discussion on the silver jewelry women wear these days. We could hardly count brands on our fingertips where women could buy affordable silver jewelry which is both contemporary yet modern. The jewelry a women can wear at home, office or at occasions that gives her satisfaction and gives her a bit of happiness and contentment.​


Life in lockdown has not been easy for all of us. In such times we hardly go out… We as a women want to feel special even if we are at home attending office calls, attending our child’s online classes or catching up with a friend in a café. We wanted to design the products we’d use ourselves but just could not find it online, ones that reflected our history and yet were global in their appeal.​

" Simrit and I come from different back grounds. My love for the saris and Simrit’s love for the dresses made us believe that we shared the same passion for the jewellery. "
-Written by Deepti Bagchi

How was Merak born.
Sometimes things come together and dots just connect to make you take crazy leaps. We quickly knew what we had in common, what we liked and what we disliked. We used to sit for hours in Starbucks and brain storm over the designs .. stones... colour pallets and various other aspects involved in the jewellery. Handpicked our own designs … gave them different look and feel. Secondly, we loved the journeys of few jewellery stores in Khan market... Greater Kailash market and defiantly not to miss Chandni Chowk of Delhi which gave us inspiration to create a brand of our own.

Brand Merak
We created Merak brand to keep the young soul dreaming. Our brand is inspired by a woman outlook towards life, being daring, energetic, and caring. We value every woman’s imagination by recreating their ideas into various accessories with pioneer technology that creates high-quality light weight jewellery that can be distributed worldwide. Along with our mission to empower the woman by expressing their emotion through our “ECLECTIC” collections. To the world of unlimited fashion styles, Merak is a brand that showcase the various aspects of new woman. The women who can raise a child and simultaneously work in the corporate world.

Our Product
Its light weight quality, is travel friendly, minimalistic in design and has all the sparks of luxury. The impressive wide range prides in pieces studded with striking semi-precious stones, with much of the international patterns woven in. Our designs are distinctive, superior in quality and nurtures positive emotions. Our silver bracelets, earrings, neck pieces are apt in present day scenario. It’s a new line, a new brand with a defined modern touch.